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Patient Education Packet

All of the patient education pages of the 1998 Manual of Medical Nutrition Therapy have been translated into Spanish. This set is reproducible for use with patients and facilities.

Table of Contents

  Section 1: Meal Plan Guides
  Regular Diet and Food Guide Pyramid
  High-Calorie, High-Protein Diet
  Clear Liquid Diet
  Full Liquid Diet
  High Protein Dental Liquid Diet
  Pureed and Blenderized Liquid Diets
  Tonsillectomy Diet
  Medical Soft Diet
  Mechanical Diet
  Section 2: Enteral Nutrition
  Tube Feeding
  Home Tube Feeding
  Section 3: Interactions Between Drugs and Foods
  Low Tyramine Diet
  Section 4: Nutrition During Pregnancy and Lactation
  Nutrition During Pregnancy and Lactation
  Section 5: Nutrition Management of the Pediatric Population
  Pediatric through Adolescent Nutrition
  Nutrition Management of Infants/Children with Acute Diarrhea
  Section 6: Weight Management and Eating Disorders
  Weight Management
  Section 7: Nutrition Care in Cardiovascular Disease
  Diet for Reducing Cholesterol: Steps I and II
  Diet for Hypertriglyceridemia
  Section 8: Nutrition Care of Hypertension
  Diet Low in Sodium
  Section 9: Nutrition in Bone Health Diet
  High in Calcium
  Section 10: Vegetarian
  Vegetarian Diet
  Section 11: Nutrition Care of Diabetes
  Nutrition Care of Diabetes
  1995 Exchange Lists
  Section 12: Nutrition Care in Intestinal Disease
  Diet Low in Fiber and Residue
  Diet High in Fiber
  Diet for Post Gastrectomy
  Diet Low in Gluten
  Diet Low in Lactose
  Section 13: Nutrition care in Diseases of the Liver, Biliary System, and Pancreas
  Diet for Liver Disease
  Diet Low in Fat
  Section 14: Nutrition in Renal Disease
  Nutrition Care in Renal Disease
  Section 15: Nutrition Care Diseases of the Nervous System
  Nutrition in Dysphagia (Phase I, II, III and IV)
  Parkinsonís Disease
  Section 16: Nutrition Care in Metabolic Disorders
  Diet Low in Purines
  Diet Low in Calcium for Hypercalcemia

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